who we are

E2M designs and builds electric motion systems and solutions for challenging applications that require the highest fidelity, smoothness, performance, safety and reliability. Our portfolio includes a range of standard electric motion systems from small to large, bespoke motion solutions for the most demanding applications, and control loading systems for high fidelity force feedback.

innovative solutions supported by unique engineering capabilities

We design and build our own motion systems, actuators and control systems to deliver performance optimized to customer requirements. Whether it is a standard system or bespoke solution, our advanced engineering tools efficiently analyze countless possible solutions to key design constraints, providing our worldwide customers with solutions that match performance and value.

E2M employs many different types of motion methods and has innovated several patented motion control technologies, including advanced workspace management and overdetermined motion control.

standard and custom motion systems

E2M offers a range of standard motion systems that meet the needs and standards of flight simulation, driving simulators, military trainers as well as tailored solutions optimized to specific customer requirements for high performance systems.

Our team

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high quality, durable & reliable motion systems

E2M provides a wide range of motion systems, from compact systems with payloads up to 1,500kg, to high performance motion systems used for motorsports and entertainment, to very large payloads up to 40,000kg.