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Head office: E2M Technologies B.V., Pedro de Medinalaan 17, 1086 XP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Production facility: E2M Production B.V., Rendementsweg 4, 3641 SK Mijdrecht, The Netherlands

General inquiries:    +31 207070901 /
Sales inquiries:         +31 207609015 /
Support inquiries:    +31 207070901 /
Finance inquiries:    +31 207070901 /

technical support

Contact us to get help with your technical questions. Submit your questions directly in our ticket portal.

onsite support

Whether you need to arrange factory repairs or have experienced E2M staff come to your site, contact us first.

spare parts

Get quotations and lead times for spare parts through our ticket portal and track the order process

training courses

E2M offers remote and onsite training courses from our experienced Support staff.

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