high fidelity electric motion solutions

high quality, durable and reliable motion systems

E2M designs and builds high fidelity motion systems, control loading systems, and electric actuation solutions for a wide range of industries and applications including Simulation and Training, Entertainment and Test.

standard and custom motion systems

E2M offers a range of standard motion systems that meets the needs of most flight simulation, driving simulators, military trainers, and other applications. For specific customer requirements (e.g. for higher than standard performance), tailored solutions are available, either modified standard systems, or full custom designed motion systems.

solutions designed for industry needs

E2M's standard product portfolio supports the requirements of different industries.

flight simulation & training

A range of standard motion systems are available for different levels of certified flight simulation.

Complementary sub-systems for cockpit vibration and control loading further enhance the immersion in the simulation, thereby maximizing the training effect.

E2M also offers several high payload, 6-DOF electric motion systems for cabin emergency and evacuation trainers (CEET), both for narrow body and wide body aircraft.


E2M motion systems provide a universal general purpose testing platform suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive components, turret testing, marine testing, structural testing and in support of research and development or education.

ground vehicle simulation

Motion and control loading systems for automotive driving simulators, railway training simulators and military trainers.


Highly dynamic motion systems with redundant safety deliver cutting edge  immersive dark ride experience.

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E2M provides 4 electric motion systems to Carleton for seismic testing

Researchers at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada will employ all-electric E2M motion platforms to gain needed insight into the hazards of suspended ceiling structures in tall buildings during earthquakes.