eForce control loading systems

E2M's eForce control loading systems provide high fidelity active force feedback on the controls of any simulator, from single channel systems for a driving simulator steering wheel, to 16-channel systems for the primary and secondary controls of a Boeing 737 full flight simulator.

smooth, powerful and dynamic

E2M control loading actuators can be used for a wide variety of applications, from heavily loaded primary controls in e.g. Boeing 737 and Airbus Full Flight Simulators and light and fast flight controls for rotary wing flight training devices, to force feedback on secondary flight controls and steering wheel applications for driving/R&D simulators.

A set of actuators can be mixed and matched to accurately replicate the control forces in a specific vehicle simulator. In case a type-specific software model is required, e.g. for level D flight simulation, a software modeling toolkit is offered as an option, or E2M can develop a custom software model based on buyer furnished aircraft data or measurements taken from the real aircraft by an E2M control loading engineer.

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