3 or 4 DOF motion, using E2M's patented redundant overdetermined technology. can be TUV certified for entertainment use

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Design & References

Full electric 3 DOF (Pitch, roll, heave) motion system, Also available as 4DOF system with additional surge
eMove eM4-640-3400-A5

Because of the absence of sway and yaw these systems are used in situations where the customer has limited space on the sides of the system or when customer entry into the simulator is required without moveable access bridges. This is often required in entertainment applications to limit the entry and exit time.


Adlabs India

For the Mr. India 4D ride in the Adlabs Imagica theme park in Mumbai, E2M used this novel 4-DOF motion system which does not require moveable access ramps for ingress/egress of passengers. Kinematically, the system excludes yaw and sway movements, and has a high roll-center which enables the system to settle into a rectangular cut-out in an elevated floor. This results in an increased throughput which is essential for entertainment simulators.
The systems are suitable for the heavy demands of the entertainment industry, operating 14 hours per day with little or no maintenance.

High quality and advanced safety

A long design life, taking into account the demanding duty cycles of the entertainment industry, make this system suitable for entertainment and professional simulation alike. The system has been designed according to eurocode specifications and according to the latest safety standards making it suitable for TUV certification if required.

ease of use

The system is delivered turn key with all necessary cables and software. The software suite includes eCue creator, which can be used to create motion profiles synchronised with video.

For technical details, please contact the E2M team.

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM3-640-3400-A4 motion system.


Product Codes

eM eMove
A number of degrees of freedom (DOF)
CCC number of millimeters stroke for the linear actuator used or ROT for a rotational actuator
DDD Gross Moving Load (GML), the maximum load the motion system is rated for. The weight of the E2M upper platform, if included, has to be added to the weight of your simulator cabin.
HF High Frequency
CCT Cabin Crew Training
TT Turret Tester