E2M selected to provide an integrated structure for a level D helicopter simulator

11th August 2017 Flight Simulation, News

E2M recently signed a contract to supply an integrated solution for a helicopter simulator that will be certified under EASA level D.

The scope of supply consists of our level D motion system with an integrated flying frame, a 3-DOF vibration system (cockpit shaker) and a cockpit base frame housing the control loading system. The integrated approach provides the customer with a mechanical structure that is optimized for a minimum weight, low center of gravity, high stiffness and a low eye reference point, all contributing to a more realistic simulation. Besides the performance advantages, there is less interface risk for our customer.
After further integration by the customer, the completed simulator will be certified under EASA Level D in 2018.

For further information about E2M’s eMove and eForce solutions, contact:

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