E2M Motion System Advantages

Why the use of E2M motion systems gives you a competitive advantage

Low Cost Of Ownership

  • Save time by using our completely embedded diagnostic features and the E2M LogScanner.
  • Have the specialists look at a problem through our full remote support capability via Internet.
  • Enjoy extremely long warranties on our rugged mechanical designs.
  • Minimal installation time, systems up to the 670 stroke system are shipped completely assembled for easy installation. Bigger systems can be installed in a maximum of one day.
  • Use of minimal number of parts ensure a very high (measured) Mean Time Between Failure ( MTBF).
  • E2M systems are design for short repair times. All line replaceable units can be exchanged within one hour. Actuator exchange is rare to nonexistent.


  • The E2M motion systems use a minimum number of parts, less than any other supplier,
    while still conforming or exceeding safety and performance standards. This design strategy leads to a higher Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • The E2M systems are design for short repair times, all line replaceable units can be exchanged in a matter of hours, and all parts are zero-configuration.
  • Electronics are commercially available units of renowned suppliers, and can in many cases be acquired locally.
  • Rugged mechanical design. E2M systems are designed for the long run.


  • 24/7 global support.
  • E2M as your long-term strategic partner. E2M engineers have a very long track record in the simulation industry. E2m regularly updates and replaces systems of other vendors, who no longer support their products.
  • A Single control system solutions for all E2M systems. this simplifies support and training significantly.


  • Unique and patented technology Direct Workspace Management (DWM). This technology offers a larger workspace utilisation through the use of advanced degree of freedom based washout algorithmes.
  • E2M is leading in the field of human perception based model predictive control algorithmes leading to even further improvements in workspace useage.