Medium size. 4 Ton GML payload
Cost Effective

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Design & References

A design for low weight simulators

Compact actuators with 720 mm stroke. 4 Ton GML Payload
Used for specific purpose simulators, like low cost helicopter or upset recovery trainers

The eM6-720-4000 is a six degrees of freedom, fully electric motion system with an actuator stroke of 720mm and a gross moving load of up to 4000 Kg.
Typical applications are specific flight training devices like low cost helicopter trainers or upset recovery trainers. But also vehicle simulators for (racing) cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles and railway vehicles. It is a very cost effective system for his payload range. The motion quality is sufficient for non level D pilot trainers.

Choice of mechanical interfaces.

Standard scope of delivery includes 3 upper joints. Alternatively, the eM6-720 system can also be delivered with a triangular upper frame.

Active RTH (Return To Home). Available as an option.

active RTH (Return To Home), enabling the motion system to move to settled from any lean-out condition in case of a facility power failure. The active RTH option is available to all E2M linear motion systems.


Advanced cueing software included

As with all E2M motion systems, the eM6-720 motion system includes E2M's advanced cueing- and diagnostics software.

Since 2009, E2M has been using its Direct Workspace Management (DWM) motion cueing algorithm which is based on model predictive control technology. Its adaptive properties allow for minimum tuning effort for typical flight simulation applications in-air and on the ground.
Current developments are directed towards model predictive control on the basis of human motion perception aiming at increasing motion cueing fidelity while further reducing the tuning effort.

AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH

E2M motion, eM6-720- 4000 motion system, is used by AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH in their AIRFOX UPT (Upset Prevention Trainer).

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM6-720-4000 motion system.


E2M motion, eM6-720-4000 motion system, is used by AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH in their AIRFOX UPT (Upset Prevention Trainer).

Aviation is the safest mode of travel. However, nearly 50% of the accidents that have occurred during the past decade were due to Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I). Proper pilot training helps pilots to avoid consequent upset condition after LOC-I can significantly increase airline safety. Hence, E2M is pleased to announce that E2M motion is used in the UPT from AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH. E2M’s advanced cueing- and diagnostics software were one of the unique selling points why E2M was selected as the motion supplier.



Product Codes

eM eMove
A number of degrees of freedom (DOF)
CCC number of millimeters stroke for the linear actuator used or ROT for a rotational actuator
DDD Gross Moving Load (GML), the maximum load the motion system is rated for. The weight of the E2M upper platform, if included, has to be added to the weight of your simulator cabin.
HF High Frequency
CCT Cabin Crew Training
TT Turret Tester