A versatile, affordable 6 DOF motion system for small simulators

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Extremely compact. The perfect form, fit and function alternative for the popular small system from our competition

The eM6-300-1500 is a six degrees of freedom electric motion system with 300mm stroke actuators and a gross moving load of up to 1500 Kg that for small simulators. It is one of our most popular motion systems.
Typical applications are (mobile) vehicle simulators for (racing) cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles, railway vehicles and mining equipment. Other applications are entertainment, research and development platforms and test beds.
The eM6-300-1500, a very compact motion system with generous angle capability and a relative high payload capacity. Due to its compactness it is also very suitable for mobile and other space constrained applications.


eMove eM6-300-1800 for a Gunner Trainer.

Active RTH (Return To Home). Available as an option.

active RTH (Return To Home), enabling the motion system to move to settled from any lean-out condition in case of a facility power failure. The active RTH option is available to all E2M linear motion systems.

Turn key delivery

The eM6-300 motion system is delivered with a triangular upper frame. It comes completely assembled and fits in a standard shipping container. The system can be operational within one hour.

Better motion cueing and usable workspace through the use of a unique and patented technology: Direct Workspace Management (DWM)

The E2M motion systems include E2M’s advanced cueing- and diagnostics software. Consequently, the same superior motion quality available to our level D pilot training systems is supplied with this system.


Also available with an extended stroke. The eM6-400-1500 motion system.

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM6-300-1500 motion system.



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Product Codes

eM eMove
A number of degrees of freedom (DOF)
CCC number of millimeters stroke for the linear actuator used or ROT for a rotational actuator
DDD Gross Moving Load (GML), the maximum load the motion system is rated for. The weight of the E2M upper platform, if included, has to be added to the weight of your simulator cabin.
HF High Frequency
CCT Cabin Crew Training
TT Turret Tester