Superior Performance. Fully electric
Level C and Level D certified

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The latest generation of electric motion technology

The eM6-1070-9000 is a latest generation, fully electric 6 degrees of freedom motion system with a gross moving load of up to 9000 kg, designed for use in FAA, EASA level B but also suitable for level D and ICAO 9625 type VII flight simulation systems for both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft.
This latest generation full electric motion technology is again improved in four key areas: Reliability, Motion Quality, Diagnostics and Motion Cueing.

The key features of the latest generation motion technology:

Better Reliability – Means Increased Uptime

  • Increasing MTBF through the usage of minimal number of parts. No pneumatic subsystem. No complex backup control system.
  • Minimal maintenance and low MTTR. As an example the usage of hydraulic safety buffers can be referenced. This means that the buffers can be replaced without removing the actuator.
  • All line replaceable parts are “Zero Configuration”.
  • Exclusively COTS electronics from established major global suppliers that have worldwide delivery and support coverage.
  • Robust, certified mechanics for longer life.

Better Motion Quality – Means Better Immersion

  • Record level of motion smoothness through smoothness optimized electric motor design and smarter servo drive control featuring ripple compensation.
  • Lowest turn-around bump through high bandwidth control and friction compensation technology.
  • Low level of audible noise.

Better Diagnostics – Means Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Diagnostics as an inherent part of the sofware. Thanks to E2M’s event-action based software there is always a clear reason available for any change in system behavior.
  • Intelligent and self diagnosing electronics.
  • Featuring a “Root Cause Indication” always makes it clear what the root cause event was.

Better Cueing – Means Increased Performance

  • Improved cueing and usable workspace through the use of an unique and patented technology: “Direct Workspace Management”.
  • Only washout technology which knows and optimizes the usage of workspace at degree-of-freedom level using model predictive control.

Choice of mechanical interfaces. The integrated frame design.

E2M offers a choice of mechanical interfaces in order to make integration into the simulator system as straightforward as possible. E2M offers it's own interface, featuring an integrated frame design, but can also match the interface of existing electric or hydraulic motion systems.
The patented E2M integrated frame design incorporates a new joint design. The joints are an integrated part of the frame which allows a reduced height of the complete simulator. This has the advantage of an improved performance because of a lower COG height and eye reference point. Furthermore, the frame is extremely rigid and strong which leads to cost reduction because E2M customers can build simulator cabins with less strength than would normally be required.
Additionally, the frame can easily be extended with outriggers to provide mounting points for a collimated display or direct projection system, an instructor station, a cockpit frame with integrated control loading actuators, or in case of rotary wing simulators, a three DoF X,Y,Z vibration platform (eM3-ROT-1500-HF cockpit shaker)

Active RTH (Return To Home). Available as an option.

active RTH (Return To Home), enabling the motion system to move to settled from any lean-out condition in case of a facility power failure. The active RTH option is available to all E2M linear motion systems.

Advanced Cueing software included

Since 2009, E2M has been using its Direct Workspace Management (DWM) motion cueing algorithm which is based on model predictive control technology. Its adaptive properties allow for minimum tuning effort for typical flight simulation applications in-air and on the ground.
Current developments are directed towards model predictive control on the basis of human motion perception aiming at increasing motion cueing fidelity while further reducing the tuning effort.

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM6-1070-9000 motion system.



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Product Codes

eM eMove
A number of degrees of freedom (DOF)
CCC number of millimeters stroke for the linear actuator used or ROT for a rotational actuator
DDD Gross Moving Load (GML), the maximum load the motion system is rated for. The weight of the E2M upper platform, if included, has to be added to the weight of your simulator cabin.
HF High Frequency
CCT Cabin Crew Training
TT Turret Tester