Specifically designed for railway simulators. Low in height. Specific design

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Design & References

Electric-pneumatic 3 and 5 DOF motion systems delivering train specific motion for train operator trainers

Specifically designed for use in railway simulator systems, the eM3-300-3000 provides realistic pitch, roll and heave cues for train simulation. The motion system uses the standard, proven 300 mm stroke actuators and a weight compensation system with external pneumatic cylinders. It allow a gross moving load of up to 3000 Kg. The design has a very low settled height so it can be used in many existing buildings.

Also available as a 5 DOF motion system: eM5-300-3000

Based on the eM3-300-3000, the eM5-300-3000 provides additional surge and sway motion cues. The long surge actuator, combined with a rail system and steel wheels, provide the smooth long accelerations associated with train simulation.

Long Design Life

The railway simulation systems are designed for continuous use, and have a design life of 15 years. In practice our customers use these systems even longer than that.


eM5-300-3000 system (1 of 6 systems) being installed in South Africa for railway simulation

Turn Key delivery

The systems are delivered turn key. Including all necessary cables and software. The provided software contains E2M's patented workspace management cueing and washout software and many tools for tuning, installation and troubleshooting. The frame to mount the cabin is a stiff strong structure, reducing the design demands for the cabin. No optional extra's are needed.


eM3-300-3000 professional railway simulator installed in China

For technical details, please contact the E2M team.

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM3-300-3000 motion system.
Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eM5-300-3000 motion system.

Product Codes

eM eMove
A number of degrees of freedom (DOF)
CCC number of millimeters stroke for the linear actuator used or ROT for a rotational actuator
DDD Gross Moving Load (GML), the maximum load the motion system is rated for. The weight of the E2M upper platform, if included, has to be added to the weight of your simulator cabin.
HF High Frequency
CCT Cabin Crew Training
TT Turret Tester