eF2-CS-60/140 and eF2-SS-20


Drop-in eForce. Easy installation – no linkages required. Cost-efficient


Design & References

E2M’s drop-in line incorporates robust, smooth, compact and cost-efficient force feedback solutions for high fidelity training and R&D purposes.


Typical applications are Full Mission, Fighter and Engineering Simulators, Part Task and Procedure Trainers, as well as R&D environments.


Easy Installation

The eForce drop-in units use two direct- and/or geared drive actuators (pitch and roll) with load cells in a single, contained package

  • Unit can be “dropped” in to application as one piece - no actuator linkages required for installation
  • Stock hardware interface is a simple, robust clamping mechanism - custom interfaces also available
  • Single-phase power supply
Advanced eMoveRT SOFTWARE

The eMoveRT controller is a common software platform for all control systems of E2M.
Benefits for the customer: Improved quality of software, development efficiency and supportability.
Same market-leading software package as the rest of the eForce control loading line

  • Completely customizable software models
  • Electrical linking between flight controls
  • Additional I/O for customized user controls

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) “Drop-in eForce control loading systems”.



ITEC 2017, Ahoy Rotterdam. Product launch of E2M’s new Drop-in eForce control loading system.

At our booth, visitors were able to test and feel the smoothness of our electrical linked Side Sticks. In addition, the following I/O modules have been activated to increase the live experience of our new Drop-in line:

  • Trim button to recenter the “zero” position
  • Trim Release to go to a "zero force" mode and recenter the trim position
  • "Machine Gun"

Product Codes

eF eForce
AAA DD – Direct Drive, GD – Geared Drive, CS - Center Stick, SS - Side Stick
DDM – Direct Drive Multiturn (more than 360 degree range)
F Fidelity
BBB a number representing the nominal maximum torque value of the control loader.
VL Value Line