Competitively priced. Designed for FTDs. Value line

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Design & References

Compact, scalable design. Low voltage servo technology

The eF-GD-80-VL control loader is a compact and scalable geared-drive for primary- and secondary controls for Flight Training Devices (FTD).

Low voltage servo's: single phase powered

Allows E2M to use a smaller servo drive compared to our standard geared eForce control loaders, resulting in lower costs. These systems offer sufficient force and velocity for typical FTD applications. These value line units are delivered with the same software features as the level D capable units for pilot simulation.

Value for money

Over 20 years of electrical- and hydraulic Control Loading experience and type specific modelling experience of over 30 different types of fixed and rotary wing aircrafts, influenced the development of the new eF-GD-80-VL value line control loader. The system architecture is derived from the reliable, proven and robust eF-GD-120 control loader and scaled down by the use of smaller, less powerful components that made it possible to lower the production costs of the actuator. Ask the E2M sales team what it would mean to use these units in your simulator.

Options & Services

  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at the E2M factory
  • On-site assessment support
  • On-site aircraft measurement session with E2M’s Control Force Measurement Kit
  • Type specific software modelling and tuning
  • Mechanical Kit including frame, flight controls and linkages

Combined solutions. Less components. Sustainable. Cost savings

eForce add-on control loading solutions can be offered in combination with E2M motion. Cost savings can be realized because less components are required. For example, one single control cabinet and one eForce RT controller can be used.

Unique software environment. More flexibility. Customizable. Accessible

  • Open and flexible software design, customizable through ASCII data files without recompiling.
  • Lua scripting engine, allows addition of any desirable characteristic on the RTPC.
  • Prepar3d and Xplane interface and add. IO modules etc. can be added easily.
  • Generic Software Package can be extended based on the customers’ needs.

eDeveloper Kit (E2M Development Environment)

The eDeveloper API (E2M Development Environment) is a software tool that allows the customer to develop their own type-specific software model. This option facilitates customers having sufficient knowledge about control loading software models and able to customize the generic model in order to replicate the behaviour of the simulated aircraft.


The eMoveRT controller is a common software platform for all control systems of E2M.
Benefits for the customer: Improved quality of software, development efficiency and supportability.

Real Time-Linux/Xenomai is used as the operation system.
Protocols are UDP (Host communication) and EtherCAT (communication with hardware)
industry standard hardware is used: Ethernet hardware for communications, a commercial of the shelf industrial PC for the control software.

Tech Specs

Download the Product Specification Sheet (PSS) on the eForce control loading systems.

Product Codes

eF eForce
AAA DD – Direct Drive, GD – Geared Drive, CS - Center Stick, SS - Side Stick
DDM – Direct Drive Multiturn (more than 360 degree range)
F Fidelity
BBB a number representing the nominal maximum torque value of the control loader.
VL Value Line