E2M’s new eForce control loading technology, the eF-GD-F-160, gets a great deal of interest by the flight simulation market

After the market launch of the eF-GD-F-160 eForce level D control loader at I/ITSEC 2015, the first installation of the high performance geared-drive actuator has been successfully accomplished.
The customers’ requirements for a 4-channel control loading system: smoothness, price efficiency, reliability and a short delivery time were key requirements in the project. For exactly these reasons the customer selected E2M’s new eForce technology to fulfil all these requirements.
Further technical key features of the eF-GD-F-160 level D control loader are:

  • Unique in terms of its smoothness, dynamics, pricing efficiency and weight in comparison to the market standard level D primary controls control loading systems.
  • Extremely easy to maintain. All parts can be quickly exchanged thanks to the control loaders open, accessible and light design.
  • Increased MTBF thanks to our robust and reliable concept.

Looking at the market outlook 2016, the E2M team is proud to say that market reception for this product has been extremely good. Several installations of this new E2M control loader are planned in 2016.