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Industry & Challenges

The testing industry is very diverse with a wide variety of applications and testing scenarios. Although traditionally the domain of hydraulic technology, a distinct move to electric testing technology can be observed, as is the case in most other industries. The challenging factors for electric testing equipment are the high frequencies and velocities required to test components or vehicles.


E2M leads the way in the move to electric testing equipment. With our patented octopod technology, we can offer solutions with relatively high bandwidth combined with large angles and excursions, a combination that is usually hard to achieve, even with hydraulic technologies. Combine this with a generally lower cost, both initial and maintenance, ease of use and the omission of environmental concerns and the choice is clear. A basic E2M iteration software solution is available in Beta.
Our solutions are currently finding their way in to automotive component testing applications as well as human perception testing applications. Please contact E2M with the requirements for your application to see if you can also make the switch to E2M’s electric testing systems.
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E2M introduces its latest testing solution, the eM6-A8 electric 6 degree of freedom shaker platform, featuring E2M’s unique patented overdetermined technology.

21st September 2017 Ground Vehicle Simulation, News, Testing

E2M Technologies , is proud to announce that it’s unique overdetermined motion systems for high…



E2M as the preferred choice for the development and production of a customized eMove motion system for the testing industry (Human Perception of Vibration Testing)

14th September 2017 News, Testing

E2M Technologies has been chosen to provide an eMove motion system for the testing industry….



E2M delivered first two eM3-ROT-1500-HF systems

E2M delivered the first two eM3-ROT-1500-HF systems. These systems will be used in level-D helicopter training…



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