Flight Simulation

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Industry & Challenges

The flight simulation market demands the highest quality motion and control loading technologies to train pilots to safely transport millions of people to their destination. At any time during the training, the simulator should immerse the pilot in such a way that the highest training value is achieved.
Although much lower than the real aircraft, the costs to operate a level D full flight simulator are still considerable. In a commercial training center, the downtime of a simulator must be minimized and costs of ownership must be kept as low as possible


E2M is a technology-leading supplier of electric level D certified motion- and control loading systems with more than 25 years of experience. A smart combination of rugged mechanical design, advanced COTS electronics and state of the art software has minimized the system complexity. This leads to a higher MTBF, reduced diagnostic times and the lowest cost of ownership. All this is achieved while optimizing the immersion levels with industry leading motion cueing software and unprecedented mechanical smoothness levels.
In addition, the skilled engineers of our much-praised customer support department are on standby 24/7 to support our customers world-wide.
We are a long-term industry partner, offering one of the biggest product portfolios consisting of standard – and customized eMove motion and eForce control loading solutions. We even maintain, and upgrade systems no longer supported by other companies and have the ability to customize and innovate.
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E2M recently installed the eM6-388-12000 system

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E2M enters Level D simulator market

E2M Technologies is proud to announce that it has been selected to provide a number of large motion system for pilot training applications.


Level D Motion System

E2M announces Level D motion systems

E2M announces Level D motion systems. Starting 4th quarter 2012 E2M will be delivering these…



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