E2M as the preferred choice for the development and production of a customized eMove motion system for the testing industry (Human Perception of Vibration Testing)

14th September 2017 News, Testing

E2M Technologies has been chosen to provide an eMove motion system for the testing industry. E2M will offer an innovative actuator design concept, which can meet the demanding requirements
The purpose of the testing platform is to investigate how people react to vibrations in structures. The analyzed data will be used to improve building and structure design.
To make the simulation as realistic as possible the people on the eMove motion platform will wear VR glasses. This allows the customer to investigate the response of people to vibrating structures with a very high level of immersion. For example, it is possible to make people believe they are in a football stadium full of jumping fans, including motion, visual and audio feedback.
The motion system features some unusual specifications:

  • Controlled accelerations down to 1 micro g,
  • High controlled frequency bandwidth of 0.5 Hz to 40 Hz
  • High stiffness 4m x 4m upper frame.

The system will be operational in autumn 2018.

For further information about E2M’s eMove and eForce solutions, contact:
E2M Technologies BV
Pedro de Medinalaan 17, 1086 XP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 707 09 01| sales@e2mtechnologies.eu