E2M introduces redundant 6-DOF system for extra safety critical applications

24th May 2017 Entertainment, News

In order to satisfy the highest safety requirements, redundancy is often used to make sure the system can cope with failed components in a controlled manner.

E2M has now realized for the first time a 6-DOF system with a redundant number of actuators. The eM6-A8 systems of E2M feature 8 actuators in an octopod configuration. This means that with a failed and even disintegrated actuator, the system can still safely settle in a controlled way.

A controller was developed to deal with the force-fight characteristics inherent to overdetermined systems.

Large numbers of these systems were acquired by large entertainment customers and will find their way into many entertainment parks the coming years. A safe thought when you step in an attraction powered by an E2M redundant motion system!