Controller Software

Single Turn-key Software Solution

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E2M uses a single turn-key software and hardware controller solution for all motion and control loading systems.
The servo drives and peripheral hardware are interfaced with the real time controller using the industry standard EtherCAT real time network technology. The digital information on this network is fully integrated into the controller code resulting in excellent diagnostics capabilities.

E2M uses real time Linux as the default real time operating system. This means easy accessibility of the data files via the network and Windows based remote diagnostics and support. At the same time hard real time performance is maintained.
Alternatively, a Linux based solution can be supplied.

Features and Functions

  • Supports motion, control loading & vibration application (or combinations thereof).
  • Controller is fully configurable through datafiles at product and customer level.
  • Implements a real-time scripting facility for customer specific functions.

External Interfaces:

  • Simulation Host: UDP Ethernet based, user configurable, auto connecting
  • Motion Hardware (servo drives, interlocks, accelerometers, etc): EtherCAT

Motion cueing algorithms:

  • Models:
    1. - Classical motion cueing
      - Classical with Direct Workspace Management
      - Human Centred Model Predictive Control
  • Applications:
    1. - wheeled and tracked ground vehicle,
      - flight simulation,
      - ship simulation
  • Special Effects
  • Characteristic motion vibrations

Control Loading models:

  • Force-loop only
  • Generic Models
  • Specific models

Integrated tests:

  • SineSweep, Frequency Response
  • Motion Factory Acceptance, Performance and Repeatability Tests
  • Motion Qualification Tests (including ICAO 9625 & FAA part 60)


  • Detailed text based specific error messages, augmented with signal values
  • Automatic Signal Recordings
  • Log-files
  • Automatic documentation generation function of the E2M real-time controller state, including all signal and parameter values, into a multiple page HTML document
  • Standard support for Matlab Simulink Real Time Workshop
  • Many product support features such as: automated documentation generation, parameter database, signal recording, signal playback, signal generators, automatic tests, logging and configurable control panels.