Electric Motion Specialists

Level D certified electric motion & control loading systems

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E2M Technologies is specialized in electric motion technology, 6 DOF electric hexapods, purpose designed 3, 4 or 5-DOF motion systems, Control Loading systems and custom electric actuator solutions.

E2M Technologies produces durable electric linear and rotary actuator solutions. E2M produces the actuators but also delivers multi DOF electric motion systems for various markets. Professional simulation, entertainment rides, off-shore wave compensation, product testing, medical training are typical markets in which the durable smooth electric actuation products of E2M are used. E2M is a mechatronics product design and manufacturing company. We have many standard systems known for their ease of use, low maintenance requirements and reliability. Our systems feature excellent mechanical, electric and software design all working seamlessly together for optimized system performance. If you are looking for high quality durable electric motion systems E2M is your partner.

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