Acces to all controller parameters & functions

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The E2M Commander is a remote GUI application for the E2M real-time controller. It is available for the Linux and Windows operating systems.
The application is by default installed on the real-time controller (Linux) for local usage. It can also be installed on a remote computer which is connected to the E2M real-time controller using Ethernet.


  • Display of control panel
  • Display of status and indicator panels
  • Controls to retrieve error messages
  • Provides access to all controller parameters, signals and commands
  • Provides functions to plot time-history data of multiple signal in real-time
  • Provides an interface to all embedded controller facilities such as signal generators, signal recorders, embedded tests, etc


  • Configuration of the E2M real-time controller
  • Calibration of sensors
  • Tuning of models
  • Troubleshooting
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